Neil Roberts

James, Bruce,

"Raising the Temperature"

Sydney Morning Herald, Review, 1 February 1997.

Bruce James

Raising the temperature

‘Raising the temperature’, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 1, 1997

Bruce James

No such tensions have ever troubled Paul Saint, a sculptor for whom technology exists only by antithesis to the raw and robust workings of his mind. Clay, wax, resin, cane, fibre and occasionally glass and fired ceramic comprise his repertoire of materials. Arcimboldo-style, you could construct his portrait from them. So too the illuminated latex ‘footballs’ of Neil Roberts. His two sculptures in that signature medium, Modesty* (sic) and Hotly, blush with the hurtful intensity of teenagers embarrassed by their own glandular engorgement.

*Correct title is Modestly